Selfie with LuxorGlad you stopped by. I’m a writer, artist, and arts administrator. This is my home on the web.

I help people tell their stories. I’m highly skilled at telling mine. Let me help you tell yours.

No matter what the medium or environment, whether I’m designing or directing for theatre, editing video or creating a website, I love novelty and experimentation. I tend to sink deeply into each project, applying new techniques until I have a thorough understanding of the media. My artwork reflects that itch for exploration and mastery.

I tend towards clean, minimalist design, taking my inspiration from nature, music, color or a specified theme. The artists I admire most—Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, M. C. Escher, Georgia O’Keeffe, Brian Froud, and Alan Lee—all represent different aspects of that same creative expression.

Golden Age movie musicals, Cirque du Soleil, Jim Henson, and Steve Martin hold as much influence in my taste in film. Art house cinema and independent film are particular favorites.

My taste in music shifts easily between show tunes, folk music, rock, alternative, classical, heavy metal, and new age. I prefer strong percussion, raw emotional storytelling, and complex melody.

Thanks for visiting!

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