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I've been in the business of writing, art and design since I received my first word processor, a Smith-Corona portable, but it's technology that's gotten the majority of my attention over time. There isn't a software package out there that I can't learn to manipulate. It's not a brag. It's truth.

In today's world, knowing how the tools work, or even that the tools exist, isn't enough. You have to know why you're using them. What do you want to accomplish? Who's going to be looking? What's your goal? How are you going to get there?

My BA in Technical Theatre comes from SUNY College at New Paltz, but my interest in art goes back to the very beginning. My experience working for a wide range of individuals and organizations spans the development of the Web, from early adoption as a communication medium through today's world of Social Media and self-publication. I am all about applying my artistic abilities to every project I undertake.

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