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I've been in the business of writing, art and design since I received my first word processor, a Smith-Corona portable, but it's computer-based technology that's gotten the majority of my attention. No matter what the medium or environment, whether I'm designing a set or directing a show in theatre, creating a website or knitting a scarf, I'm an experimentalist, first and foremost.

My interest in the arts spans all media, from 2-D (photography, painting and drawing) and 3-D (sculpture, jewelry, costume and other fiberarts) through electronic (Web, video and film) and performance​ (theatre and dance). I am all about learning new techniques and applying them to every new project I undertake.

A lot of artists have a defining style or a central theme. I tend towards clean, minimalist design. I take my inspiration from the natural world or from a particular piece of music. Even a particular color or theme might motivate my work. Artists I admire most (Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, M. C. Escher and Georgia O'Keeffe) all present different aspects of artistic quality I appreciate, but I find as much inspiration in the works of Jim Henson, Brian Froud and Alan Lee.

I have eclectic taste in music as well. One day I might be more interested in show tunes. The next, I'm listening to folk music or classic rock. Sometimes I shift between these and Alternative, or heavy metal. Strong percussion, raw emotional storytelling, complex melody - mood is as important to me as experimentation.

It isn't unusual for me to explore a medium until I think I have an understanding of how it works and then move on. Whatever medium I choose at the moment, I tend to sink into deeply. I learn best by doing rather than reading, and my artworks reflect that itch for exploration and mastery. I translate these values into the art I create, in whatever medium I'm developing.

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