I’m originally from Rochester, NY, but I’ve been a resident of the Metro DC area since 1986. I’ve spent a good deal of my time working with nonprofit arts organizations, professional associations, small commercial organizations and individuals who want a web presence to display their art or to sell cottage industry wares.

In May 2016 I received my second Bachelor’s degree, in Graphic Communication, from University of Maryland, University College. I pursued the degree to enhance my existing web design and graphic arts experience.

My first BA degree in Technical Theatre remains a foundation for both professional and community work. My online portfolio includes a selection of my professional art, writing, and other work.

My résumés:

General Résumé

Design/Multimedia Production Résumé

Editorial Résumé

Theatrical Résumé

The moon image for the Hawkeswood Productions logo comes from Catherine Kerr’s Blog: http://kerrdelune.blogspot.com/2007/07/blessing-moon-of-july.html. Used with permission.