Originally from Rochester, NY, I’m a graduate of the School Without Walls, which was founded in response to the education riots of the 1960s. As a product of the early Magnet School movement and alternatives to standard education, I generally prefer to think outside the box in my approach to…well…everything.

In May 2016 I completed enough coursework to receive my second BA degree, in Graphic Communication, from University of Maryland, University College. My first BA degree in Technical Theatre remains a foundation for both professional and community work. A selection of my art, writing and other works are available through my Portfolio.

I have deep interest in social justice and politics. I lean heavily toward liberal policies and support many causes that promote equality for everyone – no exceptions.

For more information about what I’ve done recently, visit my résumés:

General Résumé

Design/Multimedia Production Résumé

Editorial Résumé

Theatrical Résumé

The moon image for my logo came from Catherine Kerr’s Blog, at this location: http://kerrdelune.blogspot.com/2007/07/blessing-moon-of-july.html. Her photo is used with kindest permission.