Editorial Résumé

Career Summary

  • Freelance editor/proofreader for nonprofit associations, educational manuscripts, and technical journals.
  • Newsletter editor for 501(c)(3) organizations and schools.
  • Creative writer working in speculative fiction, blogging, and poetry.
  • Marketing copy writer/editor/web content manager for nonprofit theatrical organizations.
  • Creator/Distributor of bulk mail pieces for nonprofit mailing lists.


  • Screenplay (Adaptation): The Puppeteer; Short film based on Hans Christian Anderson’s The Puppet-Show Man.
  • Screenplay (Original): Louder Than Words; Short film.
  • Screenplay (Original): Al and Ogden at the Sahara; Short film.


  • Script (Original): Busted; One-act play produced by OutOftheBlackBox Theatre Company, Inc., (O2B2) for the Capital Fringe Festival, Washington DC.
  • Script (Adaptation): Six Characters in Search of an Author; from the Robert Brustein treatment of Luigi Pirandello’s script (September/October 2005), OutOftheBlackBox Theatre Company, Inc.


  • Children’s book: The Bow and the Butterfly; illustrations/layout; in progress, 1st printing expected December, 2016.
  • Novel (working title): Sara’s Way; in progress, presently at over 85,000 words.
  • Short story: You Can’t Be Sirius; (under the name Betsy Marks Delaney).
  • Short story: And Now The News; (under the name Betsy Marks) with Anne G. DeMaio, published in Carmen Miranda’s Ghost is Haunting Space Station III, Baen Books (1990).
  • Poetry: Untitled 1 and Untitled 2; published in Cadence, Volume 3, Number 1, New Paltz, NY (December 1982).

Blogs / Web Sites (Writing / Editing Content)

Articles / Newsletters / Other Publications

  • Article: Commedia dell’Arte Masks on the Cheap; The Virtual Costumer (online); Volume 4, Issue 3 (June 2006) – www.siwcostumers.org/newsletterarchive/VirtCostV4-I3-2006.pdf.
  • Multiple articles: The ICG Newsletter (official publication, now titled “The International Costumer”) for the International Costumers’ Guild, Inc. (ICG). Founding Editor (2002–2005). Produced and distributed eleven issues of the newsletter, wrote content, designed layout, handled reproduction and distribution to 450-800 ICG members. Applied for and maintained the ICG’s nonprofit mailing status and U.S. Postal Service mailing permit. Back issues are available as PDFs on the ICG website at www.costume.org/newsletters/newsletter.html#backissues.
  • Managing Editor, The ICG Membership Directory (1989–1991).
  • Article: El Museo, (under the name Betsy Marks), Estudiar y Luchar Hermanos Latinos, New Paltz, NY (May 1985).
  • Multiple articles: CostumApa, a fanzine publication, (under the name Betsy R. Marks) under the masthead Lilyguildings & Small Talk (1986–1995).
  • Newsletter (Founding editor; author – multiple articles): Spectrum, literary magazine for students, Rochester, NY, (1981). Three issues of a single volume of collected artwork, prose, poetry and articles.
  • Newsletter (Editor; typesetter; author – multiple articles): Liberated Perspectives, school newspaper/literary magazine, Rochester, NY, (1978–1980).

Copy Editing / Proofreading / Other Writing Projects

Eileen Antonucci, Organizational Perspectives (March 2000)

  • Copy Editing: Two documents: Built to Work and Built to Work: The Skill Scales Companion Guide for the National Skill Standards Board (NSSB); grammar, typos and content using a client-provided style guide.

Jonathan Haskett, Ph.D. (January 2000)

  • Proofreading / Editing: Paper abstract and associated tables: Effect of Climate and Atmospheric Change on Soybean Water Stress: A Study of Iowa; Authors: Haskett J.D.; Pachepsky Y.A.; Acock B. Source: Ecological Modelling, Volume 135, Number 2, 5 December 2000, pp. 265-277(13). Publisher: Elsevier Science.
  • Copy Editing: Scholarly document: Flexibility and adaptation in the Upper division undergraduate science classroom: Drawing from many sources to improve the lecture course.

Amy Hosansky (August 1999)

  • Copy Editing: Three chapters of medical text, book: Current Diagnosis & Treatment in Psychiatry by Michael H. Ebert, Peter T. Loosen, Barry Nurcombe. (Chapter 18: Substance-Related Disorders, Chapter 20: Other Psychotic Disorders, Chapter 24: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). Paperback: 640 pages, Publisher: McGraw-Hill Medical; 1 edition (20 March 2000), ISBN: 0838514626.
  • Proofreading: AEA Project: Billing reference: WKEX Desk Reference Proofs. (Review document for consistency, typos, format errors.)

Hannah Shulevitz (July 1999 & September 1998)

  • Editing / Proofreading: Eleven-page document for Mobility Counseling Procedures, PCHA
  • Editing / Proofreading: Four documents related to Public Housing programs (below):
    • Supportive Housing: Altheia House (Birmingham, Alabama).
    • Comprehensive Grant Program: Economic Initiative.
    • Family Investment Center: HACLA.
    • Times Square Jobs Training Corporation (New York City, NY).

Kathleen Barcos (November 1998)

  • Copy Editing: Book: Gainsharing: Creating and Sharing Success by Carl G. Thor. (Crisp Management Library, 26), Paperback: 96 pages, Publisher: Crisp Learning (April 1999), ISBN: 1560525304. Ensured book maintained consistency with Crisp style sheet, other series volumes. Provided printed manuscript copy with editing marks using Word tracking features.
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