Editorial Résumé

Career Summary

  • Technical Writer: Procedural manuals, software documentation.
  • Editor / Proofreader: White papers, educational manuscripts, books, journal articles,
    fiction and non-fiction narratives.
  • Marketing Copy Writer / Web Content Manager: Nonprofits and B2B organizations.
  • Newsletter Editor: 501(c)(3) Nonprofits, church organizations, and schools.
  • Creator / Distributor: Nonprofit bulk mail marketing collateral.
  • Creative Writer: Blogging, reviews, poetry, and speculative fiction.

Reviews / Articles / Newsletters / Other Publications

  • Reviewer: 46 theatrical reviews for ShowBizRadio.net (2009–2013).
    See: http://washingtondc.showbizradio.com/author/betsym/.
  • Article: Commedia dell’Arte Masks on the Cheap; The Virtual Costumer (online); Volume 4, Issue 3 (June 2006). See: www.siwcostumers.org/newsletterarchive/VirtCostV4-I3-2006.pdf.
  • Newsletter (Founding Editor / Author–Multiple articles): Founded The ICG Newsletter (retitled The International Costumer). Produced and distributed the first eleven issues; wrote content, designed layout, managed reproduction and distribution to 450-800 International Costumer’s Guild (ICG) members. Applied for and maintained U.S. Postal Service nonprofit mailing status and mailing permit. Back issues available as PDFs on the ICG website. See: www.costume.org/newsletters/newsletter.html#backissues. (2002–2005)
  • Member: ICG Editorial Board (2002–Date).
  • Article: El Museo, (as Betsy Marks), Estudiar y Luchar Hermanos Latinos, New Paltz, NY (May 1985).
  • Multiple articles: CostumApa, (as Betsy R. Marks) under the subhead Lilyguildings & Small Talk (1986–1995).

Social Media

  • Facebook Group Administrator: SUNY New Paltz Theatre Grads (2018), Prince George’s County for Bernie Sanders (2016), Greenbelters (2014–2015).
  • YouTube: Hawkeswood Productions. See:  youtube.com/user/HawkeswoodProChannel (Ongoing).

Blogs / Web Sites

Copy Editing / Proofreading / Other Writing Projects

Eileen Antonucci, Organizational Perspectives

  • Copy Editing: Two documents: Built to Work and Built to Work: The Skill Scales Companion Guide for the National Skill Standards Board (NSSB). Grammar, typos, and content using a client-provided style guide (2000).

Jonathan Haskett, Ph.D.

  • Proofreading / Editing: Paper abstract and associated tables: Effect of Climate and Atmospheric Change on Soybean Water Stress: A Study of Iowa; Authors: Haskett J.D.; Pachepsky Y.A.; Acock B. Source: Ecological Modelling, Volume 135, Number 2, 5 December 2000, pp. 265-277(13). Publisher: Elsevier Science (2000).
  • Copy Editing: Scholarly document: Flexibility and adaptation in the Upper division undergraduate science classroom: Drawing from many sources to improve the lecture course (2000).

Amy Hosansky

  • Copy Editing: Three chapters of medical text, book: Current Diagnosis & Treatment in Psychiatry by Michael H. Ebert, Peter T. Loosen, Barry Nurcombe. (Chapter 18: Substance-Related Disorders, Chapter 20: Other Psychotic Disorders, Chapter 24: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). Paperback: 640 pages, Publisher: McGraw-Hill Medical; 1 edition (20 March 2000), ISBN: 0838514626 (1999).
  • Proofreading: AEA Project: Billing reference: WKEX Desk Reference Proofs. Review document for consistency, typos, format errors (1999).

Hannah Shulevitz

  • Copy Editing: Eleven-page document for Mobility Counseling Procedures, PCHA (1999).
  • Editing / Proofreading: Four documents related to Public Housing programs: Supportive Housing: Altheia House (Birmingham, Alabama); Comprehensive Grant Program: Economic Initiative; Family Investment Center: HACLA; Times Square Jobs Training Corporation (New York City, NY) (1998).

Kathleen Barcos

  • Copy Editing: Book: Gainsharing: Creating and Sharing Success by Carl G. Thor. (Crisp Management Library, 26), Paperback: 96 pages, Publisher: Crisp Learning (April 1999), ISBN: 1560525304. Ensured book maintained consistency with Crisp style sheet, other series volumes. Provided printed manuscript using Word tracking features (1998).

Technical Manuals

  • Box Office Policies and Procedures: The Puppet Co. Playhouse (2014–2018).
  • Production Manual: The Greenbelt Arts Center (2009–2014).
  • Production Manual: OutOftheBlackBox Theatre Co. Inc. (2004–2012).

Procedural / Corporate Documents

  • Costume-Con ConStitution: Costume-Con.org, (1987–2017).
  • ICG Bylaws, Standing Rules, Guidelines for Competition: The International
    Costumers’ Guild, Inc. (1995–2007).
  • Running a Model UN Delegation: School Without Walls (1981).


  • Screenplay (Adaptation): The Puppeteer; Short film based on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Puppet-Show Man (2015).
  • Screenplay (Original): Louder Than Words; Short film (2013).
  • Screenplay (Original): Al and Ogden at the Sahara; Short film (2013).


  • Script (Original): Busted; One-act play produced by OutOftheBlackBox Theatre Company, Inc., (O2B2) for the Capital Fringe Festival, Washington, DC (2011).
  • Script (Adaptation): Six Characters in Search of an Author; from the Robert Brustein treatment of Luigi Pirandello’s script (September/October 2005), OutOftheBlackBox Theatre Company, Inc. (2006).


  • Children’s book: The Bow and the Butterfly; illustrations/layout (1st printing December, 2016).
  • Novel (working title): Sara’s Way; third draft revisions in progress, at 85,000 words.
  • Short story: You Can’t Be Sirius; (under the name Betsy Marks Delaney) (Pending).
  • Short story: And Now The News; (under the name Betsy Marks) with Anne G. DeMaio, published in Carmen Miranda’s Ghost is Haunting Space Station III, Baen Books (1990).

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